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Pocketbiz FAQs 
Pocketbiz brings on-demand industry experience and skill based delivery professionals together to partner with businesses to solve problems and grow.  

1. What is Pocketbiz? 
Pocketbiz provides a digital platform for businesses seeking to access a broad range of industry professionals and Service Providers wanting to offer their services to businesses. The Pocketbiz community is growing all the time. Check us out by downloading the App!

2. Why should I use Pocketbiz if I am a Service Provider? 
Pocketbiz provides the opportunity for you to join the increasing Gig economy in Australia.  Pocketbiz offers professionals who want to become Service Providers an opportunity to provide business services in a flexible digital environment that values talent and industry knowledge. It allows you to develop professionally while generating income, helping businesses and lets you be in control of your business services. If you are an existing Service Provider, Pocketbiz gives you another channel to grow revenue and increase your client base. 

3.  Why should I use Pocketbiz if I am a Business?
Pocketbiz offers you a large range of 'easy to access' and 'ready to go' Service Providers and industry professionals nation-wide. Our Service Providers are experienced, offer a broad range of expertise and are available to provide services in a flexible and 'easy to engage' manner. As a business, you may also offer services to other businesses on Pocketbiz as a Service Provider to grow your business and revenue. 

4. How can I access Pocketbiz? 
Pocketbiz is available via mobile site (, GooglePlay and Apple iTunes Store. It is compatible with most internet browsers, mobile and  tablets.  

5. Can I use Pocketbiz services as a Service Provider as well as a Business posting Gigs? 
Yes you can!  Simply register to provide services as a Service Provider or as a business to engage Service Providers with Gig postings. Pocketbiz aims to be a business platform for all businesses - hence we have developed broad categories including:  Business Planning and Strategy, Business Management (Sales, HR, Finance, Accounting, etc), Business Coaches and Mentors, Business Improvement, Project Services, Technology and Digital and Other. 

6.  How do I create a Pocketbiz profile? 
Simple, just follow the registration process. To do this, you will need to download the App and register as a new user. This will provide you with a welcome profile. Open up the App, go to your Profile section and update all of your information if you want to be a Service Provider. 

7. What am I getting when I pay to post a Gig? 
If you would like to engage a Service Provider or specialised industry professional and would like to select from a list of potential candidates who have responded to your job requirements, simply post a Gig on Pocketbiz. The Gig should include your requirements, closing date and any other information you consider necessary to attract the right Service Providers. We will send you a list of Service Providers that responded to your Gig when the Gig application date closes. Please go to the 'Initiate' section of the App and click on 'Post Gig' to use this service. Please contact us under the 'About Us' section of the App if you have any further queries.  

8. How do I apply for Pocketbiz Gigs? 
Simply go to the 'Gigs' section, tap on the 'Apply' section and search for Gig categories and or Gigs of interest to you. Tap on the available Gig and read through the description. Click on the description below, enter the Gig ID and mandatory details and tap on apply. Your submission will then be confirmed.

9. How do I get shortlisted? 
Once you submit an application for a Gig posting, Pocketbiz will forward your application to the business that posted the Gig.  If shortlisted, the business will be in contact with you via the App or via your profile contact details.  Please ensure you have your email and phone number up to date and that you check the Messages section under your profile section regularly. 

10. What is the payment method for completion of job?  
Pocketbiz acts as a marketplace to provide opportunities to connect Service Providers who have professional industry and/or skill based expertise with businesses that need business services.  Payment agreements between businesses and Service Providers (as specified in the Terms and Conditions) is outside the scope of the App platform offering. It is encouraged that businesses engaging Service Providers negotiate payment arrangements upfront prior to commencement of work.    

11. What am I getting when I pay to have a featured Service Provider profile and/or get my service profile vetted? 
For only $50 ex GST per month, your profile will be posted on Pocketbiz enabling businesses to view your profile and make direct contact with you when they need your skill set/expertise without having to post a Gig.  This is your opportunity to advertise your business services to a primed and receptive business audience in more detail. Please go to the 'Initiate' section of the App and click on 'Post Featured Profile' to subscribe to this service. Please contact us under the 'About Us' section of the App if you have any further queries.  

12.  What is the Profile Vetting Service?
To improve the likelihood of winning Gigs and being contacted by prospective businesses on Pocketbiz, get your profile vetted.   For only $40 ex GST, Pocketbiz will arrange for your profile to be vetted. A Pocketbiz vetted profile gives businesses more confidence in your services and an extra level of assurance regarding criminal checks and qualifications. If you are interested in this service, simply follow the instructions. 

13.  Payments to Pocketbiz
As an Australian based marketplace, all fees and payments provided to Pocketbiz are undertaken in Australian dollars and GST applies to all fees. 

14.  What do I do if I have a general query/technology issue or need a dispute to be resolved? 
Please contact Pocketbiz under the 'About Us' section using the 'Contact' form in the App or on our website. We would love to hear from you! 
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